Frequently Asked Questions


New to church?

Are my children able to come with me?

Yes, they will be most welcome. For most services the children will leave the adults for their own programmes. Toddlers may stay with their parents at the back of the main hall, where there is a sofa and simple toys.

How will I know where to sit?

You will be greeted at the main door by a member of our Welcome Team. They will answer any further queries you may have and help you find a place to sit ready for the service.

What do I need to bring?

Only yourself! The words for the songs that will be sung will be projected on a wall screen, including any Bible passages that may be referred to. If you prefer, there are printed Bibles and also song sheets if you find reading from the screen difficult. Please ask one of the Welcome Team for copies, if you need them.

Is there a dress code?

No, we are very informal. Please dress in what you are most comfortable. Many wear jeans.

What happens during the service?

The Sunday service begins at 10.30am with a warm welcome from one of our team members. Then follows a time of sung worship, led by our band. We typically have 2 or 3 songs lasting approximately 20 minutes. Sometimes a person might pray out loud or read a small passage from the Bible. Sometimes people share things that they believe God is saying to the whole church family. This might seem strange the first time you hear it but it’s all part of our connecting with God. We then share news and notices, usually about what’s going on in the life of the church. Our Pastor Steve will then give a talk that is Bible based and that we can apply to our everyday life. Sometimes we have visiting speakers, so it won't always be Steve. We then finish with a final worship song. Sometimes there is an opportunity to receive prayer at the end of the service.

How long does the service last?

We usually aim to finish about 12.15-12.30pm. However, if you need to leave beforehand, do not worry about leaving early. However, we hope you will stay for refreshments afterwards and give us a chance to say 'Hello!'.

Do you serve refreshments?

Yes, we serve hot and cold drinks, and sometimes donuts, immediately after the service and invite you to stay. We would love to get to know you. The refreshments are free!

Are there toilets?

Yes, there are toilets. They are located in the foyer of the main entrance and also adjacent to the lounge.

Will there be anyone who I can talk to?

Yes, a member of our Welcome Team will greet you at the main entrance and will aim to have all your queries answered then. However, if you need more time, someone to pray with or wish to speak with one of the Leadership Team, you will be able to do that over refreshments at the end of the service.