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We are an independent church registered as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation with the Charity Commission. Our trustees oversee our legal compliance and advise the Leadership accordingly.
However, we are also affiliated with the following organisations. Please click the logos for more details of each affiliation.

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The Evangelical Alliance is made up of hundreds of organisations, thousands of churches and tens of thousands of individuals, joined together for the sake of the gospel. Representing their members since 1846, the Evangelical Alliance is the oldest and largest evangelical unity movement in the UK.

United in mission and voice, they exist to serve and strengthen the work of the church in our communities and throughout society. Highlighting the significant opportunities and challenges facing the church today, they work together to resource Christians so that they are able to act upon their faith in Jesus, to speak up for the gospel, justice and freedom in their areas of influence.

Working across the UK, with offices in London, Cardiff, Glasgow and Belfast, their members come together from across denominations, locations, age groups and ethnicities, all sharing a passion to know Jesus and make Him known.

Partnership want to see a growing network of spiritually-alive, biblically-radical, dynamic independent churches which are effective in mission in their communities and which are encouraging one another in their Gospel work for the Kingdom

They don’t define what such churches will look like, because each will look different, depending on individual circumstance, and because it is for them to decide what the terminology of the vision can best mean for what they are, where they are. “Biblically radical” however, refers to the importance of returning always to Scripture as the basis for church life and action.

winter shelter

Maidstone Churches Winter Shelter (MCWS) first opened its doors in December 2013, following news from leading homelessness charity, Porchlight, of an almost 50% rise in rough sleeping in Kent at that time. 

There are many factors behind homelessness including unemployment, national austerity, family and relationship breakdowns, migration, substance misuse, poverty and debt, the struggle to return to independence after prison or care & acute shortages of affordable housing. The list of reasons is endless. 

Also, a minority of people refuse help and some drop in and out of support. Others, especially migrants, have no recourse to public funds and are especially isolated.

The team making the initial plans for a Winter Shelter in Maidstone decided that the obvious response would be to find an empty building in the town centre and set it up as a shelter for the winter. Eventually it was decided that a church-based winter shelter, run mainly with volunteers, would be the way forward – and so Maidstone Churches Winter Shelter began!

MFC are proud to be one of the winter shelter venues!

Waypoint is a town wide group of over 28 churches and organisations working together to put on initiatives which connect with the people of Maidstone. Churches all across Maidstone contribute just shy of 400,000 hours of service to our community every year, and we intend to build on this, helping each church reach the people of Maidstone in their own way.

A waypoint is a marker on a journey, where paths meet from all different directions. It lets you know where you are and informs you on where you can go from there. Waypoint wants to meet you where you are on your journey, and help you find your next steps.